Real Estate Agent Safety Training​
All too often real estate agents become victim to senseless crimes.  Hundreds of real estate professionals have been murdered across the United States while preforming their job.  Many others have been robbed, beaten or even raped.

Don't Become A Victim
As a former real estate agent I know the importance of putting client's needs at the
forefront, but as a veteran law enforcement officer I know firsthand the importance of safety.  
The objective of this training is to provide the agent with tools and knowledge that can save their life.  One aspect of our training that is unlike most other real estate agent safety training currently offered, is we provide the agent with the skills to conduct background checks on prospective clients.

You will also learn:

Personal safety tactics

How to recognize "red flags"

​Other Services Offered:

Then Defense Group will meet with your seller to provide security tips on protecting their valuables during a showing.  In addition, we will conduct a security analysis of their property and make recommendations.  The security recommendations can increase the value of their home.