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The training at Then Defense Group encompasses a wide range of curriculum to prepare an individual to defend themselves, their families, their home and anyone who is in danger.   Our workplace violence and first aid programs are provided at your location for your convenience.  The home/personal defense and all firearms training is provided at our location in Gettysburg, PA.

​Workplace Safety Training
Workplace violence occurs every day in businesses and organizations, both small and large. 

On average, it takes law enforcement 4 to 6 minutes to arrive on scene of an active killer situation.  

This means you are on your own until help arrives.  Do you know what you will do?

The core concept of our training is - Being aware and prepared can increase your survivablitiy! 

Our training is designed to provide individuals with knowledge and strategies to increase their survivablitiy during an active killer incident.  The course is tailored to the customers needs and will provide a variety of options in a way that is comfortable and achievable.  Self-defense tactics will be taught using lethal and non-lethal devices.  No firearms will be used for this class.  

Training options include:

  • Executive Protection

  • Recognizing "Red Flags" exhibited by an employee and what to do about it

  • Survival Tips when encountered with an active killer (active shooter)

Firearms Training

Firearms Safety

  • Proper Handling

  • Proper Carrying and Holstering

  • Effective and Safe Cleaning

Concealed Carry Coaching

  • ​Where and How to Carry

  • ​Female Specific Coaching

  • ​Drawing Weapon from Concealed Carry Position

Live Range Instruction Available - Contact us for Details


Preparedness + Awareness = Increased Survivability